An Icelandic inspired micro cafe
in the market town of Leighton Buzzard

In the heart of our local community we aim to provide a welcoming space to socialise, relax and enjoy the icelandic pastime of "Kaffi Timi" (Coffee Time)

Nordic inspired, Espresso-Head is the result of our travels throughout Iceland, and our love of its culture, people and coffee.

We are a speciality coffee shop & brew bar serving
passionatly selected beans from UNION hand roasted.

We also feature guest espresso each week from some of the best roasters in Europe. On our brew bar we serve a range of single origin coffees served by v60 Pour Over and Aeropress methods from nordic inspired roasters. We are dedicated to sourcing some of the best coffees available in Europe, and obsessive in our desire to serve you the best possible drink.

Nordic inspired, locally sourced and artisan

We take pride in the products we serve, our passion for coffee is unrivalled and as such we have taken a lot of time and effort to ensure your drink is the best it can be.

Like our coffee, we also take the time to source the best produce and food, and we love to support local independents like ourselves.