To us, coffee is more than a daily caffeine fix. It’s a highly versatile, culinary product capable of an incredible range and depth of flavour. When treated with respect—from farm to cup—it’s outstanding.

We take care to serve exceptional coffee. Using specialty-grade beans from notable roasters, our skilled baristas practice precise brewing techniques to extract the best possible flavour.

Filter Coffee

Chef of the Month

We think filter coffee is the best way to experience the unique taste, mouthfeel, and aroma of our single-origin coffees.

We prepare our filter coffee by hand on our brew bar using V60 pour-overs, and an Aeropress testing the filters precisely to ensure they bring out each coffee’s unique characteristics. For a true filter coffee experience, drink it black and notice how the flavours develop as it cools.

Our filter menu changes frequently and showcases coffees from top speciality roasters in the UK and Europe, and usually focuses on the nordic tradition of lighter roasted coffee's


Chef of the Month

Our meticulous approach to espresso—made on our La Marzocco FB80 espresso machine—ensures each drink we prepare is of the highest quality. From sourcing to serving, every step is considered and measured.

We work with UNION hand roasted coffee, one of the UK's top speciality roasters, for our house blend espresso. Founded by Steven and Jeremy, UNION is dedicated to working directly with the farmers that grow the coffee they roast and we brew. they travel extensively over Africa, Central America and South America to source speciality-grade, green coffee. Building up lasting and trusting relationships with farmers, and creating a union from farmers to roasters and all lovers of great coffee.

you can read more about them at: UNION's Story

What is Speciality Coffee?

What is speciality coffee? The only way to know what speciality coffee is, is to taste it. Speciality coffee is at its heart a culinary approach to coffee. It is the pursuit of the wonderful, complex and varied flavour that coffee is capable of.


It all starts at a farm level, we need one of the varieties of coffee plant that has speciality grade potential to be planted in an environment in which it can flourish. At harvest time, only the ripe cherries need to picked and then carefully processed to remove the fruit and reveal the two little coffee seeds. A sample of the coffee will be roasted and tasted to decide on the quality of the coffee. The line for speciality is drawn at 80 points and above using qualified scoring systems. 


The coffee will be shipped directly to a speciality roaster here in the U.K. or go via an importing company that focuses on transparent relationships and quality. This is called fresh crop coffee. We will phone up the roaster and make our order and they will roast it fresh and ship straight out to us, we will have a different roast for filter coffees as opposed to espresso. We will rest the coffee for at least a week to balance out the flavour and then serve and use the coffee within the following week. 


The baristas in store will need to manage the making process to ensure that the best possible flavour ends up in your cup of coffee. They do this through a skilled understanding of how the making process impacts on flavour.