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Having "Kaffi Timi" is good for you

We are an award winning coffee shop!

"Best Coffee Shop - Bedfordshire" 2017 - Beds Food & Drink awards

"Best Coffee Shop - Bedfordshire" 2018 - Lux Life Food & Drink awards

"Best Coffee Shop - Bedfordshire" 2019 - Lux Life Food & Drink awards

"Best Speciality Coffee Shop - Bedfordshire" 2019 - Lux Life Bar & Restaurant awards

"Customer Service Excellence - Bedfordshire" 2019 - Lux Life Food & Drink awards

Mentioned in the Sunday Times 2018

Whether your bored or over stimulated, busy or twiddling your thumbs – It's good to remove yourself from your everyday routine to relax, unwind, catch up with friends and be re-inspired.

In its truest sense, it means to have a coffee break, but this has evolved into a cultural pastime combining food, drink and company. We embrace "Kaffi Timi" in all its forms and welcome you to have yours with us.

Part 1 - What makes us different?


1. Preparation

Speciality coffee demands much more of us than standard coffee – and so do our customers! Therefore we try to be prepared to meet these high expectations. Each day we make sure Our espresso machine is correctly set up before opening, all of our brew methods are ready to go. Grinders are dialled in for the perfect espresso shot, water temperature and quality is spot on, coffee is fresh and ready to be served at its best and everything is stocked and ready for service. It's the extra efficiency here that allows us to make truly speciality coffee.

latte art

2. Coffee Equipment Maintenance

Speaking of being prepared, that extends to Our equipment. Daily maintenance procedures are performed to a consistent high quality. Our customers deserve the best – and we can’t deliver that if our espresso machine needs cleaning or our grinder’s burrs need replacing.

It’s easy to get so caught up in extraction, recipe creation, and latte art that we forget these more “boring”, technical aspects – but they have just as big an impact when we’re trying to produce the perfect cup.


3. Recipe Customisation

As speciality baristas, we have the privilege of working with some of the most beautiful coffees in the world. And not one of them is the same. How do we get the best out of each coffee? With patience, experience, and a lot of experimentation.

We work with single origins and blends. We brew coffees from different origins processed in different ways. We use espresso machines, pour-overs and other brew methods. And as a result, the variables and parameters change constantly. The perfect recipe for each coffee is an exciting challenge – and as we keep playing, experimenting, and thinking with an open mind, we’ll produce even better coffee.


4. Commitment 

We are hugely committed to our coffee but even more so to our customers. And we need to be committed not just every day but with every drink. Because that is ultimately why we spend our time serving customers: it’s this passion that makes us a barista rather than a coffee lover. What’s more, Our growth as a coffee professional goes hand in hand with our service delivery.

We'd like to think we know our customers and what they enjoy about coffee. Trying to quickly figure out who is keen to hear our recommendations for new coffees – and who just wants a flat white. And ensuring our drinks are made and served to the best of our abilities. Because our journey to find the “perfect cup” has the potential to be an adventure for our customers too.

We want to be the best baristas we can be. And this means dedicating ourselves over the long term to coffee education, practising our skills, and more. But it also means giving it our all every day. Being prepared, looking after our equipment, and being meticulous in our commitment to serving the most delicious cup of coffee possible to our customers. Loving what we do and making coffee!

Part 2 - Whats makes us different?


As baristas, we aim stand out. Striving to make our customer’s day, helping them to love coffee even more, and inspiring along the way, I believe this is just part of what makes us different from other coffee shops.

1. Pride

As baristas, we have the ability to create coffee that both tastes delightful and looks beautiful. I’m proud of what I can do, I know I can make my customers’ day, and I take absolute pleasure in doing so. I want to share my skills with  every person that walks through the door of my shop, and that both fulfils and motivates me.

When we make a coffee for someone, we don't  just make them a coffee. We strive to make them a masterpiece. Make them something we’re proud of. And hopefully make their eyes light up.


2. Passion

Passion: that irresistible feeling that you need to do this thing and you need to do it right now. My passion for being a barista, a barista trainer, and a coffee shop owner is what gets me out of bed every single morning. It’s what gives me the drive to share my skills and knowledge.

Each day is different, and something new excites me – those little things that makes me want to improve, to learn more, and to perform at 100% every single day. Whether it's the act of making great coffee and pouring beautiful latte art , or discussing roasting with a fellow coffee enthusiast,  discovering great coffees and cupping them. Or some other aspect of coffee, its these little things that help to fuel our passion for speciality coffee.

3. Meticulousness

This is the easiest, simplest way to go above and beyond what people expect. In fact, without this, we cant go above and beyond it. We make sure we’re using the best brew ratio's for your coffee's, make sure we’re preheating those coffee cups on a chilly winter’s day so your drink stays warmer for a little longer. Making sure that everything we do is done to the highest standard.

And we always do it. Because we always give our best.


4. Consistency 

Meticulousness is important, but without consistency it’s just flash in the pan brilliance. That doesn’t mean we can’t be creative – we can get original with every single latte piece of latte art, experiment with brew ratios for new coffees, and be imaginative when designing drinks. But when we serve our customers, we must provide consistency.

We treat our equipment with the respect it deserves: maintaining it consistently and cleaning it diligently. We adhere to quality protocols and efficiency every single time. And we believe we provide a meticulous, high-quality coffee that we can be proud of every single time.

4. Knowledge 

The industry is constantly evolving, and a great barista stays at the forefront – not at the back. We try to make a habit of researching, staying aware of the latest coffee trends and the newest brew methods. And letting the discovery inspired motivate us.